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Class Description

This class allows Licensed Mental Health Professionals to understand what they need to know about individual and group credentialing, how to maximize insurance reimbursement, and why today, group formation is more beneficial than maintaining a solo practice.


Upon completing this course, you will be able to understand

1. What is required to get on insurance panels?
2. What is the difference between individual and group credentialing?
3. How does a licensed clinician obtain the most reimbursement?
4. What are the benefits of forming a group?
5. How is a group formed?


Licensed Mental Health Professionals who want to learn about:

  • Credentialing and licensing
  • Starting a group
  • Best ways to maximize reimbursement


This course is made up of 1 class that has 7 modules. Each module focuses on the questions being asked in Class Objectives.

Course Curriculum

About this Workshop FREE 00:00:45
Important Terms, Definitions, and Key Points
What is an Insurance Panel? 00:00:24
Examples of Insurance Panels 00:00:20
What is the difference between Medicare, Medicaid & Commercial Insurance Payors? 00:05:03
What is Required to get on Insurance Panels?
Required Licensure 00:00:17
NPI Types 00:01:25
CAQH 00:01:10
Reach 00:00:31
Open Panels Explained 00:01:12
Brand & Niche 00:00:27
Insurance Panel Requirements Review 00:00:37
What is the Difference Between Individual and Group Credentialing?
What is Credentialing? 00:01:00
What Are The Types of Credentialing? 00:00:16
What is the Difference Between Credentialing and Provider Enrollment? 00:00:47
How does a licensed clinician obtain the most reimbursement?
How to Maximize Reimbursement 00:00:22
Reimbursement Factors 00:03:22
What is the Reimbursement Range? 00:00:45
What are the benefits of forming a group?
Benefits of Group Formation – Part I 00:03:02
Benefits of Group Formation – Part II 00:01:03
Challenges, Cons, and Disadvantages of Group Formation 00:02:50
How is a Group Formed?
Group Formation 00:00:05
Formation Steps 00:00:13
Step 1 – Build a Team & Set Strategic Plan 00:00:38
Step 2 – Form A Company & Set Governance Structure 00:02:09
Step 3 – Gather Documentation 00:01:02
Step 4 – License Verification 00:00:27
Step 4 – Licensure Examples 00:00:39
Step 5: Credentialing & Contracting 00:00:38
3 Credentialing Phases 00:00:31
Step 6 – EHR/EMR 00:02:12
Conclusion & Review
What to Expect Once Credentialing and Contracting is Finalized? 00:03:31
How Does Impact Affect Your Practice? 00:01:05
What Should You Consider When Joining or Forming a Group? 00:00:44
Contact Information 00:00:19
Credentialing Quiz 01:00:00
Credentialing Resources 00:00:00
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